Secretary of the National Fire Protection Association: Companies are able to offer prices to enter projects

29th August, 2021|

According to the correspondent of Khabarijat, the secretary of the country's fire protection association, referring to the very unbalanced and variable conditions in the price and the possibility of supplying raw materials, announced the impossibility of offering prices and entering companies in the projects until further notice Mohammad Reza Anbiaei, noting that after a 40 percent increase in cement prices at the beginning of the year, a more than 300 percent increase in cement prices over the past two months is not digestible for members of this class, added: The increase in packaging and transportation costs, and especially the impossibility of providing the required cement for companies at the right time, is another problem that has caused serious problems for companies operating in this sector, and in fact, companies are able to offer prices for Do not enter projects The secretary of the fire protection union announced the increase of more than 400 percent in the price of cement since March 1999 and the increase [...]

History of companies and equipment providing safety services of the fire department in the field of fire protection

11th August, 2021|

History of companies and equipment providing safety services of the fire department in the field of fire protection Tehran Municipality Fire and Safety Services Organization is the custodian and compiler of safety and firefighting instructions in buildings. During the past years, the experts of this organization during technical visits, review the implementation of the requirements in construction projects. The prevention services department of this organization has provided various lists in its website in the prevention services section , the purpose of this report is to focus on the following two lists. companyand provider safety In this section, companies providing safety services approved by the organization are categorized and introduced in the category (safety in architecture, reinforcement of metal structures against fire , fire detection and alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation systems and exhaust fans). 2- Equipment list In this section, the safety equipment approved by the organization, including the following, are introduced. Fire alarm equipment , equipment for fire fighting , equipment, ventilation and smoke control , equipment, fire-resistant cables , equipment, fire resistant paints and coatings , fire-resistant doors equipment, equipment [...]