History of companies and equipment providing safety services of the fire department in the field of fire protection

Tehran Municipality Fire and Safety Services Organization is the custodian and compiler of safety and firefighting instructions in buildings. During the past years, the experts of this organization during technical visits, review the implementation of the requirements in construction projects.

The prevention services department of this organization has provided various lists in its website in the prevention services section https://125.tehran.ir/Default.aspx?tabid=750 , the purpose of this report is to focus on the following two lists.

  1. companyand provider safety

In this section, companies providing safety services approved by the organization are categorized and introduced in the category (safety in architecture, reinforcement of metal structures against fire , fire detection and alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems, ventilation systems and exhaust fans).

2- Equipment list

In this section, the safety equipment approved by the organization, including the following, are introduced.

Fire alarm equipment , equipment for fire fighting , equipment, ventilation and smoke control , equipment, fire-resistant cables , equipment, fire resistant paints and coatings , fire-resistant doors equipment, equipment for fire-resistant curtains and other safety equipment.

Prior to the escalation of Western sanctions and the need to fulfill the national slogan of supporting domestic production, all companies supplying equipment for their paints and fire-resistant coatings were also operators of imported fire-resistant paints and coatings , hence the names mentioned in The list of providers of safety services for the reinforcement of steel structures and the list of equipment for paints and fire-resistant coatings were exactly the same.

After strengthening the domestic production of fire-resistant paint and coating equipment by some companies and reducing the import of such goods, the organization removed the names of foreign suppliers and their executors, and only the names of domestic suppliers, as suppliers and Approved executives were included in the list of service providers, so manufacturers can introduce their approved executives to projects, and ultimately producers will assume all the quality and executive responsibilities of their products.

Thus, a number of suppliers and executives with experience in representing foreign products were removed from the list of the organization and finally were able to continue their activities by concluding cooperation agreements with domestic producers and obtaining executive certificates.

Collection – Arian Tadbir Construction Company, March 2017