According to the correspondent of Khabarijat, the secretary of the country’s fire protection association, referring to the very unbalanced and variable conditions in the price and the possibility of supplying raw materials, announced the impossibility of offering prices and entering companies in the projects until further notice
Mohammad Reza Anbiaei, noting that after a 40 percent increase in cement prices at the beginning of the year, a more than 300 percent increase in cement prices over the past two months is not digestible for members of this class, added: The increase in packaging and transportation costs, and especially the impossibility of providing the required cement for companies at the right time, is another problem that has caused serious problems for companies operating in this sector, and in fact, companies are able to offer prices for Do not enter projects
The secretary of the fire protection union announced the increase of more than 400 percent in the price of cement since March 1999 and the increase of more than 200 percent in other raw materials and effective indicators in the cost price of these projects in the country and continued: Fire protection, which consists of manufacturers and active executors of fire protection of buildings in the fields of construction, industry, oil, gas and petrochemicals, aims to accompany the development of this important industry, and as is clear, this industry and knowledge Important in the country, given that it is directly related to human lives, is very important and this amount of turmoil in the supply of raw materials and pricing indicators is not tolerable
Anbiai added: “Several closures since the beginning of 1998 due to the Corona crisis, which has caused a sharp reduction in working days, as well as the involvement of a significant part of production experts in Corona and, of course, a sharp increase in corporate overhead costs”
Anbiai, referring to the large volume of raw materials lost during production due to the lack of frequent power outages, criticized the lack of real support packages for producers in the current situation and added: Lack of accurate response regarding time Completion of these conditions by the responsible organizations such as the Ministry of Silence, Industrial Towns Company, Governor’s Office, Governor’s Office, Electricity Department, Water and Sewerage Department, etc., along with cases such as: more than forty percent increase in salaries in 1400 and Of course, the establishment of insurance costs, taxes and non-compliance with producers in this sector, along with continuous water and electricity outages since the beginning of July this year and the practical closure of many manufacturing plants and the addition of very high repair costs due to damage caused by outages Power surges and fluctuations in the electrical and electrical equipment of the production line have caused many problems in this industry, which has faced the activists of this important part of safety in the country with a crisis
He continued: “Companies supply cement with very difficult conditions and at staggering and unusual prices, and when they start producing, the electricity of the production factories is cut off.” Rising electricity prices and other issues that have been affected by rising currency and cement prices have affected all sectors of the industry
Anbiai expressed hope that the relevant organizations, including the Ministry of Silence, in order to solve the problem of manufacturing companies and the executor of this sector, considering the production capacity and location of the production plant, to consider a specific quota for companies in this category